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Wiggle design system

Since starting at Wiggle this has been an ongoing project to bring in some consistency to how the site is designed and built. Using a base t »

2020 Concept

IntroThe theory of this concept has taken learnings from various sources of research and investigations performed on the current Wiggle and »

Silver bullets

This was a 3 day rush investigation into a recent security issue. Hackers had obtained customer details from external sources and were then »

UX Audits

It was apparent from early on that there was little reporting on site usability or common customer frustration points for the brand website. »

A New Era

To design a new checkout for 14 brands, surely it been done before! MY ROLEI started this project through my own frustration, I knew what we »

Clinique By Invitation

Clinique had teamed up with Selfridges to offer its own loyalty system for kiosks located within a Selfridges store. Instead of offers a loy »

As simple as A - B

Choose Wisely is a comparison site based on simple values, providing the user with the best possible comparison experience so they get match »

Virtual Make-up Bag

The Bobbi Brown Virtual Makeup Bag storyboard was part of the Fashion Retail Academy initiative which was to be presented as an innovative c »

Jo Malone Magalogue

The Magalogue is an off the shelf mini catalogue that features Jo Malone's current Christmas releases. This can then be deployed to any regi »

HTC + Smashbox

This was a campaign by Smashbox and HTC, teaming up to launch a new HTC phone. This project was briefed in right at its conception so we wer »

It's all in the hips

I was fortunate enough to be with DRG from its conception as a trainee referee. As DRG had just started the branding was basic so I offered »