The Bobbi Brown Virtual Makeup Bag storyboard was part of the Fashion Retail Academy initiative which was to be presented as an innovative concept to the company CEO.

The concept was conceived by one of the employee's (Xaio) that worked behind a shop counter. The concept was based around a customer carrying a card which they would be able to use to access their order history, face charts, makeup tutorials and recommendations directly online or in store. In a store, the card would act as an ultra-fast look using RFID and online would be accessible from a simple access code printed on the card.

The storyboard was used in Xaio’s presentation to the Academy and the board of directors.


I met up with Xiao to take a brief and talked through her concept. We then moved into brainstorming potential scenarios, user flows and future features in case any questions arose on the presentation. We wanted to figure out what kind of presentation she wanted to achieve so we flesh out her concept to make it more realistic and I worked with her to build a script.

I then moved onto providing initial storyboard sketches and scripts before meeting up with Xaio to refine what had been created.

Once the storyboard was signed off and she approved the initial designs and styling, I went into production on the final visuals.

All visuals were delivered for her presentation which resulted in the idea being put in alpha production.

Initial Bag Image
How the bag works
The Appointment
The Virtual Bag
Later that Evening
All the makeup Lessons
Playing today's Lesson
Camera View